Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More quilted vest looks: skirt and top

 I decided to wear the quilted vest with black skirt and top. First reason was to practice wearing a column of color in this case black. Second reason I paired this vest with the black skirt and top is because I wanted to pair a flattering color up close to my face. I think black is very unflattering to my complextion. Do you like my wavy hair no flat iron today?

Third reason I decided to wear my quilted vest, because it is dreary today and cold. The gunmetal gray jewelery I am wearing reflects the mood of the weather. 
I love the modern look of these earrings. My daughter actually bought them and gave them to me. They are just funky enough to satisfy this part of my style estetic.
The bracelets are a collection of gray pearls, a bracelet from Nigeria made out of hemitite , and another cuff made out of clear plastic resin.
The fourth reason is I was trying to balance my proportions by wearing more skirts. This is a pencil skirt/A-line skirt somehow I think it works. Still experimenting with proportions.

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