Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Does color blocking have to be exact?

When you color block do the colors have to be exactly matching? I have had this purple jacket for 4 years now. I love the cut of it the fabric is lush and cozy and I think the fit is flattering on me. It was a purchase from Chico's. When I did my wardrobe sort in the past few weeks I discovered this jacket all over again. I also realized that it was an orphan of sorts. I didn't really have a bottom element other than jeans or black pants to wear with it. I also wanted to do more with my column of color idea. The idea is to match the top and bottom outer colors and add the interest with the interior top article of clothing.
The minute we went out to shoot these it started snowing

So off to the President's Day sales I went in search of purple pants that were as close to the jacket color I could find.
The result were these knit jeans. The colors are exact but the saturation is different. It was incredibly difficult to find them. There was another cotton jean style that matched exactly but the fit was terrible so I went for fit instead of exact match.
So my question is do they still look like a column of color and work or do they make the outfit look off?

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