Sunday, February 14, 2016

I'm a 'Tight A**'

Honey do these pants fit? A question to never ask your significant other or spouse? Flash-Flash I got him to take pictures. Well now all of my previously 'good pants' are in the give away pile. I realized that I don't have enough room in the seat area of my pants. This would be the crotch length. I also have too much room in the thigh area, skinny legs of an inverted triangle. If I size up then they are way too big everywhere. The seat curve is wrong as well I need a deeper curve. These statements probably make sense if you have ever attempted to make your self some pants. In March I am going to have a pants fitting session with Sarah Veblen, she is from Baltimore and has a book on fitting that I recently purchased. 
 Sarah Veblen Complete photo guide to Fitting

Baggy thighs

The best fit but pockets are too far apart

crotch depth too short legs too baggy

Boyfriend Jeans

I might have worn my jeans like this in the 60's

makes my derriere look flatter too tight

Almost there

new pants went up a size still don't fit

more of the same bad fit pockets way too far away
 I will be posting more as I start my adventure on pants making. Wish me good luck> Do you have a favorite pants pattern that you had lots of success using? I want to make jeans.