Sunday, June 29, 2014

On a whim off with the @hair!!!!!

Sometimes coming up with a new look is an evolutionary process. I went on such a trip over the past three years. Feeling a bit bored with my hairstyle and not knowing where to go with it I decided to grow my hair out. It took me three years and many hairdos and I grew it out. When I got there I played with the color and the texture and decided I didn't really like it after all and I am a short haired girl at heart. Here is a photographic trip of my hair style evolutions.
Start Fall of 2012
yesterday June 28, 2014
too much sun for my eyes but you can see the color better
I have noticed that face has gotten fuller over time and that to balance it I really need the volume to be on top above my eyebrows. I do like the brown/grey mix of my hair which you cannot see in this picture. I am much happier with my sporty chic haircut. I almost did the Mohawk look but the nice lady at the haircut place said,"I think you wont be happy with that look." Today I am glad I didn't go there. My next chore will be to grow out to my natural level of grayness. I am a lot grayer than you think stay tuned for pictures at that evolves.