Saturday, February 2, 2013

Coloring grouping part two;When is an olive not an olive?

I'm continuing my sorting and found another gap  that I have several olive green tops and jackets but no bottoms to wear them with other than denim and black. So I went out and purchased a pair of 'olive' green skinny cargoes.   I like my tops and bottoms to match because I am shorter so I like the outer piece to 'match' the bottom and to put the contrast in the middle. I don't always sport this look but it is a trick to make me look taller. 

 Note to self not all 'olive greens' are alike. Notice in the pictures below that my outer wear jacket and top are more of a true olive.  The pants I bought are more 'blue green' and obviously they don't match at all. Back to the drawing board. The leather jacket is more of a taupe so it works better with the pants.
The quilted jacket above is my fall winter warm jacket and it is a truer olive green. It is very close in color to the top.

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