Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jackets Do these work?

I never know whether or not I am buying the right style jacket for my body type.
The one on the left is a blazer with a waist seam. The one on the right has a tie belt and 3/4 sleeves. I have those football shoulders and ample bust to accommodate...

complimentary colors-color wheel

These are complimentary colors on the color wheel. I read somewhere that mixing them works. What do you think? Oh I finally realized that I should look down into the camera not hold my head up... Better results.. Ford models look out!

Friday, February 27, 2009

fashion update

Well I discovered a tripod in my office closet and figured out how to use it. I also discovered my camera has a timer. So I set it up jump in front of the camera and VIOLA !
It is funny because a few times I lost my balance and all I got a picture of was the door... Old age the balance is the first to go.
I like the colors in this blouse. The ruffles down the front would have normally made me put it back but just couldnt resist the colors. Paired with the black pants I think it works. These are pants I just had altered to fit. Well for $10.00 I could have just sewed up the back seam too. Next time Ill just go buy a new pair of pants. Now I have sunk money into these so I've got to suffer with them until I loose more weight and am down a size. How is the posing coming?
I'm thinking my hair doesnt have enough length. My head looks too small for my broad shoulders.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Following fashion advice!

Over the last few years I have been I'll admit obsessed with finding the fashionable me. So I have read all of the fashion magazines advice on how to dress for this type of figure challenge or that figure challenge. I think that the trend setters dont do this. I think the key is to do whatever you want but do it with confidence. I think that is the biggest fashion accesory you can have!
I still havent mastered how to pose for pictures and I still look like the camera was on the ceiling.. Im working on this but note the crossed legs. I have seen alot of models doing this. Not sure the arms are working (though) I tried the shirt tails hanging out the bottom of the sweater... not sure I like it. The green color I like and the necklaces work with the collar of the shirt..