Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The arty vest is done

Applique, Quilting and bias binding are a few of the features of my new vest. This project was inspired by a embroidery CD I bought last spring by Floriani . Leaves of Nature it is called and it called out to me. I had no idea what I would use it for when I bought it.
Then I was in Indiana at a quilting store and I found this quilted fabric with leaves stamped on it. Eureka! I saw a marriage between the two. The next day I went to a fabric sale run by the Mennonite people in Indiana and I found 6 yards of a calico cotton that would compliment my leaf fabric. I got to planning and now many months later I have finally finished the vest. I used pattern Butterick 6062 for the vest, View D which has patch pockets and a dart and the hem is rounded.
additional fabric calico

Butterick 6062

I used my duct tape double to fit this pattern and it came out just right. It was the first time I ever used her since I made her last April. I do recommend having one if you don't already.
I plan to make a jacket that will compliment the jacket. I have used the same fabrics but will reverse the usage of the quilted with the calico. The jacket will have more embroidery on it possibly a boarder of leaves. I just wanted to have fun with some of the techniques I have been exploring in my monthly sewing guild meetings. What have you been working on lately?