Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two piece jacket vest combo

I am starting a new jacket project. I bought a quilted leaf print fabric.
It is reversible so here is the other side.

There is something about leaf prints that attracts me.
There are a few patterns that were specifically developed for this kind of pre quilted fabric.
Butterick Pattern 5400 is one of them. I decided that I didn't want such a simple jacket, yes, the fabric is busy already but I wanted to kick it up a notch.

I decided I needed a complimentary non quilted fabric so here is what I chose. A printed cotton calico.
I believe this will make for a nice contrast in that it is a different scale print and also it is one of the colors in the leaf print.
The other issue with the Butterick pattern was that is had a poor fit in the shoulder and bust for me. I found Butterick 6062 view C. It has a built in bust adjustment for D cup and a really nice vertical dart.
Now to the gist of this post mixing it up or transforming a piece of fabric into something fabulous. I am going to make two pieces that work together. A jacket and a vest that can be worn alone or together layered. One piece will be the jacket with the back from the quilted fabric and the front from the calico fabric. The vest will be the made with the front from the quilted fabric and the back from the calico. The sleeves of the jacket are two pieces so the larger one is quilted and the under sleeve is the calico.
I am going to admit it is not my original idea. This is a poor picture of page 229 form Oct 2012 INStyle magazine. I loved the idea of these two pieces working together or alone. So that was my inspiration. Stayed tuned as I will be doing a follow up post on the embellishment details I have planned.
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