Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby it is hot outside

When it is so hot outside I still need something to wear to cover up in the air conditioning. I found this wrap at Kohls and it is perfect. The weave is so loose that I don't feel it in the heat but I am warm in the indoors..

Finding the perfect summer dress that is the bare essential for a Flamboyant Natural.

I have many dresses but none are casual. Most of them are not even my style. I bought them for occasions that required I wear a dress. I have three little black dresses even though I have decided that I don't look good in black. So I am turning over a new leaf and editing out my dresses that don't reflect my true style. I needed a knit dress that has a simple line long enough to reach my knees and in a color that looks good on me. 
So this dress will be the first one that fits these requirements, and the best part is it only cost $12.99.
The hat adds the interest.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking my rules:Missoni knitwear

I love Missoni knitwear. There is something that speaks to me in those horizontal zig-zags!
I never wear horizontal stripes because I am already horizontally challenged in my upper half of my body, but fashion sometimes requires me to break my rules so I bought a Missoni inspired knitwear top. Here it is with denim clam-digger length  jeans.

Here I am wearing it with my new denim knee length shorts and caramel colored sandals. Although I know it makes me look bigger on top I just love this pattern and had to break my rules once. Some times fashion doesn't look good on our body type but maybe that doesn't matter because I feel good wearing something so lively. Do you make exceptions to your fashion rules and break then once in a while??

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cool on the hot side: details that dont heat you up

In the bottom photograph I am wearing white cotton capri and white sleeveless tank top and a brown linen loose shirt.(the top is brown not purple) The linen shirt keeps me protected from the sun but covered up and because it is linen it breathes. I added the Jasper necklace because it really picks up the color of the shirt and my hair.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My world is not black and white!!

The little black dress, black dress pants, the black blazer, black pumps, black ballet flats. I don't look good in black so I wonder would I be able to survive if I remove all black items from my wardrobe?

Stay tuned  The no black wardrobe plan: Staying with my Flamboyant Natural wardrobe I am going to substitute olive green for black this summer as my staple. So I will be looking for the LGD (little green dress)instead of the LBG dress. Lets see what I come up with. Do any of you think that Black doesn't look good on you???