Sunday, October 27, 2013

plaid blouse untucked, skinny cargos and moto boots with drapy sweater.

This is another look of long tapered cargo pants with a loose button down in plaid flannel. I topped it with a loose green sweater and moto-cross boots. I am trying to incorporate a classic with an edgier rough girl look.
The  design line is loose top over narrow skinny legged pants. 

I am wearing a very large plaid too big perhaps for my large busted frame but I love the look and the colors so I am breaking one of my rules not to wear plaid... Sometimes you have to break your own style rules.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another look with the new proportions PLUS tuff meets Classics

I always thought of myself as a little more street wise than your average housewife. So in keeping my new proportions I have these leggins with a loose top. The quilted vest coordinates with the pants and I didn't even realize this when I bought the leggins. I was just trying to find a more current 'black pants look'.
I took a somewhat dressier blouse and made it more casual. I think the boots fill the tuff look requirement. They give me an edgier flair without screaming I am trying to look younger which is not my goal. I am trying to look 'ageless'

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Working with proportions and body type to look modern and current

I am not interested in dressing my age because that is a judgement statement. I am interested in looking current and not dated. I thought a lot about how to do this and I decided that it is about styling clothing proportions and how they are wearing them that makes each season different. Something about how they keep changing the way they put together different items of clothing. I think that the blog into mind sums it up nicely. 
I decided to put together some outfits taking these proportions into mind.(no pun intended). The first one is a loose top with long sleeves over shorts. Now it is October you would think that it would be too cold to do this but alas it is in the 80's all week.
So What do you think? Do I look current?