Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vogue 1036 update

When I chose this pattern I didn't realize how time consuming top-stitching can be. I also chose to top stitch each line 3 times. It takes a lot of patience to top stitch. It also takes good thread and a good needle. Despite my caution to do everything 'right' the stitching still can go cockeyed in a flash. The thread can also fray and break mid stitch UGH. (I am such a good stitch-ripper. I have had so much practice on this project.)
Did I mention that the pattern sheet is a little vague in  places as well. I almost had to do the sleeve inserts twice. I made a mistake on the muslin and didn't realize it until I went to do the fashion fabric. (Good thing I labeled all of my pattern pieces with painters tape.)
I know that if I ever make this jacket again I will skip all of the top stitching. 
I have the body all sewn together and top stitched. I have the lining sewn together. I am finishing the sleeve assembly and will then set them into the body of the jacket. Then there is putting the lining into the jacket with facings sewn between the lining and the jacket. Never had both facings and lining before. Then there is the bottom band on the jacket and the sleeves. Sandra Betzinger sure put a lot of steps into this design. My new goal is to finish this jacket by Christmas. My old goal was to finish it by Thanksgiving. NOT!
The top stitching is done with gold thread. It is triple sewn and along the seam edges.

jacket front

jacket back


sleeve insert &upper sleeve

Monday, November 26, 2012

Quilted Vest plus dress

Baby it was cold outside yesterday.  I wanted to pose with just the dress and vest and it was way too cold for me. So I popped on a hat and coat.  I am at visible Monday today at Not Dead Yet Style.
The hat is Abhats, the camel hair coat is vintage from a neighbor, the dress is by Wendy Pepper, the vest is by Christopher & Banks and the boots are Vince Camuto.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The third piece,when it is the star

up close detail of coat fabric  


Take a look at this fabric. It is actually made with a cutaway technique. An old table cloth was sandwiched between black fabric on top and a backing. The patterns were stitched and the black fabric was cut away to let the tablecloth fabric show.
 I think this coat is a star and I like wearing it. It is great for 50 degree weather. I contrasted it with my gold sweater which looks sunny yellow in these pictures. YES I am wearing black but not next to my face. I can wear most of my shoes again. Since I have a new knee my gait changed. I now properly distribute my weight along my whole foot;now the shoes don't fall off when I walk. Funny how the surgery for my knee benefited my foot as well.
I got this coat at a boutique in Berkley Springs, W VA about two years ago. Do you have any 'stars' in your wardrobe?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Denim Fur: Peta won't object

Denim and fur two good combinations. I am wearing the denim and my dogs love their fur coats... I am hooking up with visible Monday today. Not Dead Yet Style Hope you are having a great Veterans day.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Score: I finally found something while thrift shopping

I finally found this denim jacket in a thrift store. It only cost  $13.00. What makes it sweet is that it fits really well and has the details I was looking for. It is a Jones New York sport brand. I have a hard time finding stuff in a second hand clothing store that I would be willing to buy. Ephermera just did a post on this very same topic. I totally agree with her. If the quality of the piece is not good then why bother. The price is the icing but it is the item that should be what you really need and have a good quality. Here are some pictures of my new find. Although this jacket is just a basic I do like all of the details it has.  Do you find it difficult to find great stuff at your local thrift store?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Momma got some new clothes...

My new rule for buying off of the rack is that it must already go with 3 things I own. So here are two looks with the new 'squares' top. I bought something that is longer on me and has the flattering draped neckline If you will notice that it has no set in sleeves. The top is all one piece. I think this works to camouflage my big shoulders/bust combination. I love that the top has so many color blocks that make it work with so many of my other clothes. Here are a few looks so far.
with flared jeans
with equestrian legging/quilted teal vest

neutral rain coat for warmth
secret pattern mixing

Monday, November 5, 2012

Inspiration from other bloggers:How to wear a millitary jacket?

Sometimes I need to see how someone else is styling a piece of clothing to give me an idea. This happened when I was trying to figure out how to wear my military jacket. So I utilized the idea I got from Catherine's web site. not dressed as lamb military jacket and turquoise sweater  The color is a dark grayed green and I couldn't figure out what to pair with it. 
Catherine from Not Dresses as Lamb
My interpretation from her inspiration

 Sometimes other people can really give you an idea of how to put something together. You can see me at visible Monday of another great blogger, Not Dead Yet Style.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inspiration from magazines:Make a collage

Do you ever cut pictures out of magazines of outfit looks that you like? I do. I usually collect them for a while and then sort through them and paste them onto poster board. What I look for are items in the pictures that are similar to what I have in my wardrobe. I also look for color combinations that I usually would never think to try. What I looked for this time was 
1. quilted vest looks
2. military jacket looks
3. moto cross leather jacket looks
4. serpa jacket looks
5. trench coat looks
6. ways to accessorize
colors and layering

dress and quilted vests and moto-cross jacket looks

separates and color combinations