Friday, June 28, 2013

More unfinished projects:guilt resolution

June is my month to finish up old unfinished projects. There I said it. For some reason it bugs me when I don't finish what I started. No one other than me would know but I get to a point where I actually feel anxiety for not finishing something I started; good- bad or indifferent about how I will like it once it is done. I guess you'd say I like closure... So here is the place-mat bag that I finished. (I rather like this project.) I was given the parts for this bag and the idea from a class I took at Jenny's sewing studio.

It was a class on how to use my Singer XL550 sewing/embroidery machine. I thought the class was very informative and Jenny is quite a good teacher.
Note to self the chalk marks need to be removed as to the naked eye they aren't really that visible. The camera really picks up on these details.... 
So do you need to finish projects or can you let them go??

Monday, June 24, 2013

What to do when you need a creative inspiration: make something different.

Today my style inspiration is potholders. Yes not clothing. I have recently discovered a type of insulation fabric that allows you to make fabric potholders that actually are insulated. So I have been using up my extra fabric stash and utilizing decorative thread and stitches to make some.
I realized that technology has changed a lot in my life but I still need potholders to remove stuff from the oven or microwave. I am making some for gifts just because....
I would like to recommend to you Superior threads needles and threads. Superior Threads I have been doing the courses in Superior University and can say I recommend their products. That is where I got the idea to make some potholders. It is course 109.

Have you ever digressed in order to get re inspired?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sewing:My dog has a hat and I do too.

I made a hat to wear when I am walking my dog. I wanted a lightweight one that wont blow off of my head when I am strolling with my corgi. Then I saw this pattern that had a hat for a dog... OKay the dog does not like the hat and shakes it off but it does look cute.... I added a lining to the pattern just because I could. I used a Simplicity pattern 4316
  It was copyrighted in 2005 so it is an older one now. The pink hat in the upper right picture is funny looking because the hat is too small for the models head. It is supposed to sit down on the head without the pointy part at the top sticking up. Someone who doesn't know about hat sizes just stuck this on her head. The sizing on the pattern was funny. Size medium was 22 inches head size. That is a British standard head size. American standard head size is 22.5 , a good number of us even have 23inch head size.  I made the large version (23inch). The pattern has a 1/4 inch seam. The seaming was tricky because you had to ease a curved seam onto a straight seam for the crown part of the hat. The bias binding that they ask you to use. They don't specify how wide it is to be. They give you a guide but the guide is 1.25 wide. They don't tell you if this is the finish width or the opened up width you are supposed to use. So I just made mine 1.5 wide and folded it to make double fold bias tape.
The other disappointing thing is the sizing is for very small dog head and a small dog head.They didn't include  a version for a bigger dog. I am going to try to rework the pattern for my bigger dogs head.

inside out

close up of the print

tear away stabilizer residue on underside

Friday, June 7, 2013

My new style description Generic Chic...WHAT????

I love exercises whereby I need to come up with descriptive words that describe my style. I always come up with words that I like but do they really describe ME. The answer is actually no they do not. Flamboyant Natural, Classic colorful glamorous, Textural whimsey, Modern girl next door, Equestrian Safari, Tribal meet suburban, Edgy classic, Cargo junkie, Pre-sixty sex goddess... and the descriptors go on and on. 
So I had this epiphany while at the grocery store. I was thinking about the classic Chanel purse 2.25 the one with the chain handle. Would I ever really feel comfortable about spending 2,000.00 to 3,000.00 dollars on this purse. Would I not feel guilty for such an indulgence. I admit it is a beautifully crafted accessory. I don't dispute it's value but would I really be that happy by owing one. I am not sure that the happiness factor would be that high. I probably would be happier to give the $2000.00 to $3000.00 to a worthy college student to help them off set some expenses. Now that would definitely give me a higher happiness factor. 
So why do I claim to be a fashionable person if I wouldn't really own a Chanel bag.
Back to the style statement. I have it Generic Chic. -Generic (Noun) meaning a product having no brand name or registered trademark

-Chic (Adjective)
Elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

Stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind.

adjective.  stylish - elegant - smart - posh - fashionable - dressy
noun.  style - elegance - smartness
I want to be stylish and elegant but with the non label stuff.  There I said it. I don't need the real expensive stuff. The copies are good enough for me.
So here it is guys Generic Chic. The styles that are current without the expense of the designer originals. I am happy with copies.
By the way this in no way is a judgement of those who want to spend the money on the originals. That is okay I am not judging it just isn't right for me.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lagenlook another try

I wanted to try another look with this top which I sewed in the winter and now is too big. I love the color and texture of this piece. I decided to use a basic pencil skirt and cami under it. I like the jewelery layered over the top. The shoes are by Cydwalk and not that comfortable any more but I love how they look-so modern. 

The look with the green top and the sandals are what I actually wore out today. I needed more foot comfort because I knew I'd be doing more walking than the Cydwalk shoes would allow. I also put the green drapey top on because it wasn't falling off of my shoulders like the homemade one was. I think it was a good use of my pencil skirt which I hardly ever wear.I think this was still fairly conservative of a look but with a twist.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Help Wide shoulders, short neck, generous bustline, and the orphan in my closet.

I like style advise you know those if-then advise statements. I recently read one about broad shoulders and a short neck. Well that is one I have to raise my hand and add to that generous bust. The advice was if you have these issues then avoid thick scarves, chunky necklaces, and shoulder details. Well I happen to love scarves and chunky necklaces. I also love jackets which usually have shoulder pads if only little ones. Instead of these items the advice was to wear v-neck wide strapped tops, longer necklaces, and avoid empire waist.
I do wear V-neck tops with wider straps. I do wear longer necklaces even though they can look like waterfalls over the bust-line. I also try to avoid too obvious empire waistline dresses.
However this weekend I happened upon a new thrift shop in my neighborhood, and I found this dress that would go with an orphan in my closet. ($11.00)
I had these sandals, earrings and needed something to wear them with.  Now the sandals won't be lonely anymore. This is a different neckline treatment that I have not worn in ages. The dress is a rag-line cut shoulder with a slit v neckline and the dress is empire-waist. For some reason which I don't know why I think it works OR am I so in love with the print and color that I have a blind eye to the style elements that are not figure flattering on me... Give me your opinions yes ladies of the visible Monday help me out??? What do you honestly think? Not Dead Yet Style

orphan sandals

orphan earrings