Thursday, September 15, 2011

doggire update

Willow has gone to the Upper Pennisula in MI and ridden on a motor boat she is now super dog. No life preserver for her but none needed.

wardrobe for the "non-working girl'

I love to look at fashion blogs.. Many use themes to devise outfits. I can identify with this approach being that teachers often work from themes. But now that I am retired what is my theme? I know that casual is the usual one for retirees. I cant say I like the look of Yoga pants on me. I dont want to fall into the trap of looking like a slob: sweat pants, sweat shirts, and T-shirts with big logos. Not that they dont look good on other people not just me. I need structure around my curves.. On the TV show 'What Not to Wear', they often say structure those upper curves with a cute jacket. Hmmmm Will I need to even wear one now that I am retired. Im not sure. I like sweaters button down ones. Maybe I can fudge it with a structured shirt and a button down sweater over it. Sort of a female "Mr. Rogers". Hmmm not sure that is me either. Well I'll be experimenting and posting pictures. Feel free to leave your comments.

Its Official I'M RETIRED

Well it is finally here retirement. Actually I've been retired since July but I didnt feel it until today. So what am I going to do with the rest of my life. Well here is the big project WEEDING! Its time to organize the outside of my house. The Weeds have been having a field day. No pun intended. So here is my first really good picture of what is left after all of the weeds have gone... Im so proud.

OH and here is a recent hat project a custom garden hat for a dear person. Check it out. Simple but so chic.

It really happened I'M RETIRED

Yes the school year has started without me. And of course they are all surviving without me. Does it sound like I'm pitying myself? H_ll No! So what am I doing with myself. Well I decided to keep making hats but I need garden inspiration. So the weeds are going in the compost or trash whichever works. I will post pictures as things develop.
My latest hat project is finished. A custom hat for a dear lady that I met at a county fair. She has a rather small head size.Picture is forthcoming. Will let you know about my other hat projects too.