Thursday, February 14, 2013

Column of color and zig zag one afternoon top.

This top was made in an afternoon with just 3 yds. of  60 inch wide fabric!
I chose fleece because it would be warm and because it would mean I didn't have to finish any edges save for cutting off the selvages. 

This top was so easy to make. You basically cut slits in the fabric and add the sewn sleeves. The top of the piece becomes the 'collar', and the rest just hangs open. I chose this fleece fabric because I have a lot of clothing in the turquoise and teal family.
I have been trying to sort out my wardrobe and said I like to wear a column of color. This means you match tops to bottoms either in the outer layers or by the interior layers. Well after going through my clothing I realized I have very few tops and bottoms that match. I have lots of similar colored tops but few bottoms that match. In this outfit I do have a top that matches the dark denim jeans. I think that by matching my interior top and bottom it has a slimming effect that way by adding the outer layer that is the pop of wild color and design I can camoflague my figure challenges.

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