Monday, November 2, 2015

Winter hats and more

I have decided it is about time I post some more hats pictures. I have been busy in the millinery.
This one I re-trimmed and finished the edge with a binding Do you like my ribbon turkey?

brown straw with embroidered flower

A nod to my Irish heritage

I have two winter coats, one is a blue wool the other a camel hair coat in that color. So I like to coordinate my hats to my winter coats. I have other more casual jacket I wear and usually wear cloth brimmed hats with those. These hats are ones I blocked at Wayne Wichern's in September. I had a chance to take a class from him to refine my skill set. I left the final trimming to be done at home.Do you wear coat hats? I think it is fun to dress up in a coat hat in the winter.