Saturday, March 31, 2012

In STYLE what to wear with navy!

Here are my options:Pumpkin,Hot Pink, Turquoise, Kelly Green.

I have many navy pants in that I have many pairs of dark denim  jeans. I have a pumpkin corduroy jacket and a turquoise top. So here are the results. The red bud tree is my hot pink as I don't wear that color. I happen to like all of these colors. Did you like the style advice of INStyle magazine?

Friday, March 30, 2012

In Style; what to wear with khaki

I'm pairing Khaki with a print that has a mix of orange red and khaki and gold. My khaki pants and top are very close to gold. I decided to add my amber earrings and bracelet that I bought ages ago as accents.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

INSTYLE: Olive background

I tried to use the olive pants and this green military jacket together with the 'scarlet' animal print top. In real life the military jacket doesn't look so purple gray as it does in the photograph.  I switched tops to a lime green to go with the 3/4 jacket as it has this color in the print. I like the printed jacket with the pants and top not sure the boxy cut of the coat is all that flattering. It is a boxy cut but then I have a boxy build. What is a girl to do......;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IN Style:What to wear with gray

Today I feature gray plaid trousers with a purple top and purple jewelery and purple shoes. The buttons on the jacket are a dark pewter and the metal on the necklace and shoes are also.The coat is a white. You can see on the suggestion card from ' Instyle Magazine'  the color is a softer lavender but I felt that I should wear a purple with more color saturation.  I like the color combinations of this outfit What do you think ?

Monday, March 26, 2012

In Style color suggestions in the April issue

What do you wear with gray, khaki, olive, navy, and ivory?
In Style magazine in the April issue is the color issue.
I went through my wardrobe and grouped my tops and bottoms into these five groups.
Then I put the accent colors with the basics to see what I had.
Then I grouped my scarves according to the suggested accent colors.

I found out that I have the most items in the navy and khaki groups. Basically because I have so many pairs of navy dark wash jeans. I have a lot of khaki items too because that is a good color on me. I have many olive bottom pieces but no tops and very few accent colors that go with this color.
So in the next few entries I will show some outfit ideas based upon these color suggestions. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Asymmetrical Haircut Do or Dont????

The top three photographs are the new 'Sassy Casual' haircut. It is asymmetrical as the inspiration photograph shows. The bottom hairdo is the old one. I think the new one will work as the hair grown in to have more of a difference on each side. Do you think it is a better look for me??

Saturday, March 17, 2012



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

another sweater with striped blouse

Michael Kors sweater, Dress Barn striped blouse, Ann Taylor suit pants. 
Here it the same shirt with a more dressy pants. This is work casual. The pants are actually a black/brown herringbone tweed but so small you can't see it. So I am pattern mixing the stripes with the tweed. There are studs on the sweater that add some visual interest. Necklace pendant is also striped in hues of orange too subtle to tell here.
My daffodils are blooming in the background.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Combo 1 black sweater

Here I put the basic black button up sweater with the multi-stripe brown button down shirt, straight leg jeans, added a necklace, basic silver hoops, brown shoes, wooden bangle and sunglasses. This combination works but I think it isn't up to my standard of  'Sassy'. This experiment is to see how many combinations I can come up with by only changing out the third layer the sweater. I am testing the mix of this top with others items in my wardrobe.This was combination one. Sometimes when you lay items out in a scarecrow to see how they will combine doesn't translate as well onto a human body.  The bottom edge of this blouse is straight across I wish it was more curved I think that would have looked more flattering on my shape. Tomorrow another combination.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sassy casual and mixing the top layer

I read an interesting post over at and I thought Audrey did a good job of interpreting how to mix a top with various completer pieces to achieve many looks. I particularly liked the mix of cropped cuffed jeans with a button down shirt and a sweater as a topper.
tan sweater with beading
white sweater with silver studs
silver lame sweater 3/4 length
copper sweater with copper flecs
asparagus green pull over
a spring green button down
I looked at my wardrobe and picked two printed button down shirts and tried to make a similar outfit and just change out the many sweaters I have. Turns out that I have way more sweaters than I realized and can come up with at least 6 looks for each blouse. I've kept the shoes basically a choice between three flats; snake skin loafers and silver ballet flat or orange snakeskin ballet flats.
     I used a warm toned shirt in this collection and the next group has a black and blue print.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


What is "Sassy Casual"
It is a look I intend for myself. I think that sweaters, knit tops, shorts, casual skirts, Maxi dresses will fit the bill. I am thinking that woven shirts might be too dressy unless they go baggy and longer like the 'big shirt' of the 90's. But what constitutes sassy? I think that it will either be the colors I use or the accessories. I think leggins and dresses although they have been around a long time will work. It might be a way to sassify my otherwise too conservative pieces. Playing with proportions may make an otherwise conservative outfit sassy. 
The other biggest change I am considering is my hairstyle. I'm thinking of cutting my hair in a very asymmetrical haircut or go super short. I did this once before and I thought it looked cute but I was a lot younger. 
 What do you think is Sassy Casual ?