Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simply Green

 My corgi thinks she is going to herd me in the back yard. She is trying to grip my shoes in her mouth in order to guide me her way.

It is a green day. I love the color green I think it works well with my red hair and rather ruddy complexion. I am wearing 3 different greens but they are next to each other on the color wheel so I think they work. I don't usually tuck my sweaters but wanted you to see this beautifully tooled belt.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boot these boots are made for walking.

I love me some boots! I have been trying to wear boots in the brown family because they 'book end' my hair color so well. What I have discovered is that not all boots are equal with pants tucked in. You will see in the photo's above that proportion and where they cut your leg line is very important. To my eye the taller boots just look better. I tried to wear the same T shirt and jeans so it would be easier to compare these aren't finished looks just the underpinnings.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The graphic T shirt:casual but not slumpy

I realized that I have a love of Graphic T shirts. What is a graphic T shirt? The New Merriman-Webster dictionary says it is a representational or decorative printing on a flat surface. So some of my prints are probably also considered graphic prints. Here is one paired with a tied drape front sweater. I have paired one with a trench type coat and scarf.
I like to pair them with dress slacks and a jeans jacket OR I pair them with jeans and a dressy blazer. I once paired one with a black pencil skirt and ballet flats not too shabby.I also have one of Bob Marley.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

To market to market to market I go

This is what I wore to the grocery store today. I wanted to get some wear out of my cargo skirt and this striped top that I rarely wear. I am leery of horizontal stripes on me, but this top has them on the diagonal and they are not highly contrasting. I wore the tights because I wore them to church and was too lazy to change. I threw this short sleeved sweater on to be warmer and to make this more seasonally appropriate. Those are my Easy Spirit shoes that keep my knee from hurting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The Blogging world has made many experts. But some are more expert than others. I am always torn but what I should say on someones blog and when to keep my opinion to myself. 
There are some areas of fashion I feel better versed in than others. Wearing hats is one area I feel accomplished. When I see individuals wearing hats that obviously (to me) don't fit their heads I want to rip them off of their heads. How can so many people wear hats that are too small and other people continue to tell them how "good" they look. Many women choose to avoid hats because they can't find ones to fit their heads. I applaud those women. Don't wear hats, shirts, shoes or belts that don't fit.  One might ask but how can you tell by a blog photograph? The telltale sign is the hat is sitting about 3-4 inches above their ears. The hats look perched on a high wire instead of being on someones head. OKAY then I have said it and gotten it off of my chest. If you want advice on how to fit a hat on your head send me an e-mail and I will freely advise you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Closet redo

On Christmas day 2010 my master bathroom imploded. Yes a pipe burst in the wall. The bathroom was Circa 1976 Harvest Gold. It needed a redo. As part of the bathroom area was my very large walk in closet. It actually took up more space than the actual toilet and shower area. I decided to make one long wall of my bedroom a closet. The whole length of it. This made it possible to completly gut our bathroom and spread out the toilet and shower area and to increase our sink area to two sinks, and two medicine cabinets with a makeup area in between. Well here it is a year later the closet is totally organized and finished and functional. The sinks are operational and so are the shower and toilet but one half of the space needs to be demo and my husbands closet still needs to be done. He had hand surgery right before Christmas so phase three is waiting until he is better. So here is my new closet.

Part 5 continue another elevation of a basic

    In the photographs below I show you the basic T with a navy blue open front draped cardigan and a scarf that picks up the blue and tan colors. Another basic outfit upgraded with a bracelet and earring too. 
    I added a brown tweed jacket and an animal print hat and scarf that I made. The jacket has a small scale print-tweed and the hat and scarf a bigger scale print. They are all in the same neutral color family so they work. 

    In the next photo I used a brown sweater with copper flecks in it. It is closer in color to the brown in the animal print. It is so much more expected but it works. A very simple upgrade of a sweater and jeans.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Somebody Cares!!!!

 Somebody Cares!!!!

too few beacons gave me the above award. Bless you what a lovely surprise today. I am so green in the bogging area that my paint isn't even dry.
But with every honor comes responsibility so I must follow the rules and nominate 5 other bloggers that are new and have less than 200 followers.

The rules for accepting the award and posting the widget are to:
  1. Link back to the giver and express your heartfelt, undying gratitude. : )
  2. Pass it to five more bloggers, letting them know it’s been given.
  3. Copy and paste said award to your blog.
  4. Keep the love flowing. They’ll tell five friends, and they’ll tell five friends, and…so on… 
  5. so the nominees are 
1.chewyspaghetti - A great blog by a dedicated mother who has a unique style all of her own.

2.thedailysophisticate-  A wonderful blogger that is getting ever more popular she's an athlete, cat lover and has very high taste level in clothing.

3.chapeaudujour - a wonderful blog about hat making and millinery you should check her out.

4. jillthinksdifferent- a very interesting blog of course she makes fabulous hats but has some of the best photography. This lady has been blogging for a long time and makes for some of the best reading on line.

5. the rantings of a mad hatter  this is a milliner located in Spain that blogs on all things hats and making hats. She is a total inspiration to me and other milliners as well. Her explanations are supreme and I love all of the information she is sharing for free.

Monday, January 2, 2012

stage 6: When does an ordinary outfit become cool?

When does a basic outfit become cool?
     In my last post I made a basic outfit a little more interesting by substituting a colored T shirt and colorful scarf. It is okay but still a little conservative. By adding more details like a hat and gloves and sunglasses and purse it becomes more interesting. By changing the shoes and rolling up the hem on the pants are other styling options.

Do you agree or are my accessories too much??

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Part 5: Elevate a basic comb with color and a scarf

Elevate a basic by adding color in both the T shirt and scarf. Today I wore my basic jeans and added a red T-shirt instead of the khaki and the same military jacket that is a deep green.(yesterday's post) I added the scarf with colors that accent the red T and jacket, silver hoop earrings a silver cuff and ready to go out the door. Oh and by the way I am an Easy Spirit shoe fan. I find with a bad knee they keep me walking much further than any other footwear would.