Friday, February 1, 2013

Color Group your wardrobe: My purples

Every year at this time I like to color group my cool weather clothing. I sort my clothing by color groups. I then sort those into tops and bottoms. 
 I have been acquiring clothing that is only flattering with my personal coloring. I find that my wardrobe is more cohesive color-wise because of this strategy.
My wardrobe now consists of neutrals in the brown, beigh, navy (denim) and black groups. The colors I have fall into turquoise, teal and green color group,orange, rust and gold color group and purples. I have many basic pieces in the gray and black from before I decided that black isn't really all that flattering on me. I kept them because  sometimes black  is a great background for the other colors. I also own a bunch of beigh, camel and tans but they are more in the summer hot weather fabrications. 
The other reason I do this is because I sometimes have closet orphans and when I sort my clothes I can easily identify them.  
I then sort my scarves similiarily into color groups.  
After all of this sorting I then can see where I need to fill in my wardrobe.  
I  discovered a purple dress I bought last Christmas 2011. Yep I haven't worn it since then. Well I recently bought a tweedy jacket with the purple tones in it. So I popped that jacket over that dress and Voila new life for the dress.  
So here are some of my purple pieces and looks.  
close up of the fabric in the jacket

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