Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Runway inspired wardrobe two new pieces finished!!!

Here are some glimpses of three finished pieces of my Project Runway inspired wardrobe.
I have completed four tops and three bottoms. None are stellar but each has taught me something about fitting and embellishments. I am also getting a better idea of what will work with my body type.
Here is my gingham blouse with embellishments and my linen skirt with embellishments.
 I added a yoke in the back that I had appliqued on and I added gussets down the side seams to add room and interest to the rather basic blouse.

used my circle foot attachment to sew these

I faced the front of the blouse with the same fabric that I sewed around the hem as a bias trim.

I made the view of the skirt with the curved hem. I added top-stitching and an embroidery design to the skirt on the bottom. I wanted to keep it very casual like the top. I was just trying out this pattern and wanting to add embellishment since I have learning a lot about machine embroidery for the past year. I am learning how to fit items better since I got a 'body double'.
I recommend doing the same if you want fitting to be so much easier. I am realizing that I pick out the wrong styles for my height and body build. I love loose wide tops but that isn't the most flattering look on me. I need more width at the bottom of an outfit. I am still sewing out of my stash. No fabrics purchases until I have depleted it. That still may take some time but I have two new dresses cut out. One is actually going to be a bathing suit cover up. The other is more dressy.

hem detail and embroidery design
skirt and top together

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Millinery ABHats 2014 hats and trims

It has taken me about 2 years to learn how to do machine embroidery. I wanted to learn it so I could utilize it in making trims for my millinery business. Here are some examples now that I finally have a machine that works well and I know how to do it.
The purple ribbon was made with a rolled edge setting on my Baby lock Serger.

These flowers were stitched out onto shimmery organza with an outline stitch. I added the purl centers. the hat is a blush color which the flash washed out a bit in the picture.
This hat has millinery grade flower which I did not make but will soon be making some and posting those pictures as well. Enjoy. I'm headed over to Not Dead Yet Style Blog to see what everyone else has been up to.