Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Body Type Rules to follow or NOT to follow

Angie of 'You look Fab' had a post on the other day about not following body type rules too much any more. She stated that when her blog was launched she stressed this idea but since has really strayed away from it. Angie states that it is now in vogue to NOT follow the body type rules.
You look fab body type post
Angie States,"Over the years I’ve placed less and less emphasis on the importance of body type dressing guidelines. When YLF first got started almost 8 years ago, body types were all the rage. These days the idea of sticking to a prescribed way of dressing for one’s shape seems like a dated concept. We want to celebrate our freedom to wear what tickles our fancy."

I dont get this at all. Why I like her blog is because she seems to be able to figure out the proportions of the new looks and can apply this information to her clients. Now most of her clients she posts are usually pear shapes or hourglass shapes. Even her plus size models are hourglass shaped. I feel these people have the easiest time finding and adapting the new styles to their body types.

I am a short waisted inverted triangle I infrequently see anyone using these body types as makeover examples. The ones who did were Clinton and Stacy on What not to Wear. They are off the air now but I learned alot from them. Problem was they always suggested the same styles for this body type.
1. Get a good bra fitting
2. Wear a tailored jacket to 'lock and load' the girls.

 I like Angie's blog because she uses a lot of menswear fashion and utilizes the classic pieces. I like her style aesthetic and can relate to it. She also doesn't always spend a fortune on all of her pieces.
BUT and this is the big point she follows the rules and that is why her clothing looks so good on her body type. So how is ignoring the rules going to help me. That is what I did before I started this 4 year campaign to improve my style.
I have learned to dress my body type better.
I have learned which colors are more flattering in clothing and makeup and haircolor.
I have ditched my frumpy factor which was a big problem for me as I am aging.
I hope I have improved my taste level which was another problem for me.
I have also begun to realize that spending a lot of money on cheaper clothing in the long run is wasted money.
I have become so much pickier when I buy clothing.
I have gotten rid of so much clothing that I can't believe it and yet I have so many more combinations out of fewer pieces.
I am revitalizing my sewing skills so I can make more better fitting clothing( this is still a work in progress).

So now I am going to go back to wearing whatever moves me and hope I look good....this doesn't make sense to me,

Oct 2008 the beginning
Sept 2008

Oct 2009
Here are some pictures from the past 5 years a progression and you will see where I came from and where I am now. I think following the rules makes sense.

Fall 2012
May 2013
I am getting better on proportions my old stuff was just to baggie and boxy and the wrong colors.

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Hairdo update: Do people still get perms????????

When I started posting about my hair I was particularly bored with the haircut and color. I had that look for too long as wasn't sure it was 'me' anymore. Here is the old look:
Oct 2012

July 2013

Sept 2013

Jan 2014

Jan 2014 w/o glasses
I think that my fine hair has some curly but not enough to look like I am a naturally curly girl. Straight I think my hair lacks enough body. Perhaps I need more product in my hair. Does anyone get perms anymore? Maybe what I need is a perm to boost the curly look.
Here are some styles that I like but and this is a BIG BUT my hair is not the texture that these people have in their hair.

I love the curly wedge haircut. Not sure I would go this red but something in the red tones again OR maybe I should just let my hair go gray. I have no clue how much of it is gray and would it look cool that way??? There are some really attractive heads of gray hair.pinterest gray hair
Any suggestions on this subject??

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two tops two bottoms done;four out of the six pieces done.

Here is a knit top done and the coordinating African print wide leg pants. I made a head band out of scraps from the top.
The suede cloth shorts are done and the fabric woven fabric top. These shorts were made out of a very old pattern from the 1990's that has so much design ease they that they fit big old me.
I am playing with new clothing designs. I never have worn wide legged pants with a long loose top before. I hope I got the proportions right.
The shorts I have worn before with T-shirts, wearing it with a loose flowy top is a new combination.

I am going to let the hem down on these,they need to be a bit longer. Over all I think the bottom balances the bigger top half of my body with the pattern and width of the design. I think this proportion is good. My hair well that is another blog entry......

Friday, January 17, 2014

Three pieces of the wardrobe done...

The first piece I made was from Vogue8972
I made the short sleeved one in the lower left of the pattern picture. It has no side seams just two seams that run diagonally from around the body. I liked this pattern but it runs big. I will use the next smaller size when I use it again. The length was quite long as well. I had to decide how long I wanted it. I ended up hemming to crotch length.the picture on the right.

The pants are from Simplicity pattern 1617. I has some fabric that was given to me. It is a tie-dyed fabric that was a caftan. I deconstructed the caftan and had enough to sew these pants with the funky pockets.

This pattern runs big. My waistline is four inches bigger than the largest size on the pattern but I made it straight from the pattern and it fits not only does it fit but it is a tad big. I will be making these in an above kneed length next and will cut them out a size smaller. I will never figure out the "ease' they build into patterns. This description stated semi-fitted.
The third piece I made was from Vogue P955 a blouse. I made it out of a fine cotton fabric.
I made view B. This pattern was a hand me down that had already been used. It was cut out into size 16. Normally I make a 20-22 size pattern but this one fit really well. This is a very loose top so the designer ease made up the difference.
I am not sure I like my button choice and could change it.

Here are some other options.
I will be wearing this blouse with a cami underneath because it is a little sheer. I will probably pair it with leggins or skinny jeans.
When I finish all of my pieces I will post some outfit combinations. What are you sewing lately??

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Runway Allstars inspirations. Could I design a 6 piece wardrobe for myself and sew it??

Project Runway Allstars just finished its season this past Thursday night. Did you watch it??
It got me thinking could I come up with a 6 or 7 or 8 piece wardrobe collection that I could make for myself. If so what would I like to wear. I have so many patterns I cannot sew by the draping method but I can follow and adjust patterns, I am getting better at figuring out alterations for myself.
So I went down to the 'sewing lab' in my basement and pulled out my stash did some measuring and put together an idea board.
 I am not sure how cohesive these pieces will be but I think I am going to give it a shot and try to come up with a spring wardrobe using this method.

I have some interesting African fabric that is a tie dye. I have seen some western style clothing using this fabric pop up lately on some runway shows. I am going to sew this fabric up in some casual flowy wide legged pants and just make an interesting solid knit top to go with them.
The patterns is: Simplicity 1617

The top I am going to sew up is vogue 8792
The short sleeve all one color version.

Another outfit I have planned is to make a sleeveless shirt and walking shorts.
 I want to make the shorts knee length and out of a brown suede type of fabric. The sleeve less shirt will have a basic brown white check body with a complimentary brown print fabric on the shoulder the front placket and collar. I am going to embroider on the back neck placket as well. There was a Threads magazine from 2009 that is the inspirations for this idea.
I will wear this outfit with a brown jacket I made last year and some tie up oxfords.

My biggest challenge will be to make the Cynthia Rowley dress 1607 out of another African print fabric..This dress will have many fitting challenges and I may not be able to actually make it out of the fabric I have in mind but I will at least make a sloper of this pattern. The straps intrigue me.

I need a new "long sleeve white blouse" mine will actually be in an off white as that suits my coloring better. I love the Tuxedo look pleating down the front. I have had this pattern for a while so I am going to make it out of some Egyptian cotton I got at a sewing convention this summer. Simplicity 3789 view C

Another top I want to make out of some very drape caramel linen is Vogue P955 another older pattern. If I can find a picture of this pattern I will post it.
Anyways you get the idea the one thing I wont be doing is making all of these clothes in just 4 days. I don't know how those designers could make all of the clothing like they do in such a short time. I just can't pull that off. Stay tuned my creative juices are flowing,.....