Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eureka having a style epiphany

Are you like me and trying to figure out what to do when the styles you like don't necessarily look that great on your body type.
 I never realized that my shoulders were that much wider than my hips until I read another blogger's post on how to do a 2-dimentional measure of your figures proportions instead of a 3-dimensional measure. Now to some of you this was probably obvious but for me I missed the memo. 

vintage bracelet

matching vintage earrings
As a result I realized that I need to increase the amount of volume below my waist to counter the width at my shoulders. One of the things I had not been wearing much of lately were dresses and skirts. I am definitely a pants person and adore a textured jacket but they were leaving me looking too top heavy. So I dragged out this sweater dress with lovely vertical pleating and a little flare at the hem. I think it works I feel that my top is more balanced in this dress. What do you think?
I am participating at the fabulous Not Dead Yet Style on this Monday.


  1. Yes, great balance and a very harmonious look, Adrienne. Thanks for sharing this piece of wisdom with Visible Monday!

  2. You look really, really good in the sweater dress. The color is great on you too. Also, love your hair!

    1. Thanks Debbi you realize you are one of my role models!