Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chanel Jacket update

I have the pieces cut out of the main fabric and lining and I have them all quilted together. There has been a flurry of hand stitching of supporting tape along the edges and hems and down the front both sides. Next step is to machine sew the seams then hand sew the lining and edges. That will be another long process. It is coming along. I have to finish by October.... this year.

right side

quilted sleeve lining

right side of two piece sleeve

Can a boyish haircut on a sixty year old still be feminine?

What is feminine on a sixty year old? Can a pixie or boyish haircut still look feminine on a sixty year old? The juxta position of masculine haircut on a cute younger woman works. Hence the popularity of the pixie haircut on many movie starlets in recent years. But can a 60 year old rock the look?
One of the things I have noticed is that the younger set wears a lot of eye makeup with the look. The other thing I noticed is that they also wear high heels and dresses with the look. The trendier pixie cut wearers also seem to sport tattoos with the look. I am not a fan of tattoos on me and I don't wear high heels anymore nor do I wear eye makeup anymore. I am wondering if this will still work on me?
undercut pixie

curly pixie

mature woman pixie I love this one on her

Another pixie variation

a little longer versionSo I did get an undercut pixie and I didnt like it on me. I have since grown it out and I think it looks softer and more feminine. To answer my question can an older woman sport a pixie----YEP I think it works.

this is just too short for me

a lighter color as well