Thursday, February 21, 2013

The quilted vest looks

I somehow bought 3 quilted vests. Two I bought this past fall and one I bought at least 4 years ago. I have mastered the traditional look with these vests; by that I mean jeans, t-shirt, vest.
What I want to do is come up with some more interesting non traditional looks. So I went on Pinterest for ideas and here is what I came up with. I like the idea of layering a white shirt under a sweater and popping the vest over it still a bit traditional but with bright colors I think it gives it a little punch. I like the idea of wearing a brightly colored vest over a striped T. I can do this I have a gray/white T and a rust colored vest.


Ialso like the Pinterest post with a plaid shirt bright sweater with pearls. I think I can manage that one too. Did you manage to buy some quilted vests this season and how are you wearing them?

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