Monday, April 22, 2013

What is a Fascinater and what it is not

Are you fascinated by fascinaters? Kate Middleton is making a name for these critters... So what is a fascinater?
It usually has a base that is held on by a band, comb or elastic head strap. I call the ones on clips, which are smaller Whimseys. A fascinater is usually worn on the side of the head but can be put in the front I have not seen it worn on the back of the head. It usually is on a base the can be as small as 3" but is more frequently put on a base of 4-6". Veiling, feathers, bows, beading,   silk flowers or combinations of several element are added. The ones I like best look like  upside down little bowls with artistic trims that have meaning to the owner. These are what we find the Duchess
in most of the time.
I like the versatility that fascinaters provide. People that don't like hat hair here is your chance to jump on the head-wear bandwagon.
So I am going over to  Not Dead Yet Style. I think wearing a fascinater will make you very visible how about you are you wearing one??

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What to wear to a funeral; they requested something red!

I am going to a funeral next week. Something sad that I must do. The family requested that those who attend wear the person's favorite color which was red. It is not mandatory but 'why not?' I asked myself.  I don't own a red dress, I do own a red skirt and blouse but together they looked too matronly. So I found this one at Kholes 
At a funeral I am to look conservative and not like a fashion statement, however I don't think I need to aim for dowdy either. Some bling I think will be okay. Some of the family at this funeral will be wearing hats so I can do that too. Here are some of the looks I came up with:
Black jacket with red accessories

black/white jacket with black accessories

dress and coat don't match
Black sweater with leopard accessories

black sweater with black accessories and hat
 The outfit I like the best is the last one with the hat. I will wear a smile and that will last until the church choir starts to sing. If it rains I will pop a neutral trench coat over the dress and sweater and the hat will stay home. I will wear neutral hose as I think it is not warm enough yet to go bare-legged.  What do you think is is respectful enough?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

McCalls 6520 Update;identifying flattering styles or NOT

I finished this dress too. I made it out of a jungle print gauze. I think that it will make a great bathing suit coverup.  The pattern described this as a close fitting top NOT. It is very loose. I did add length to the top front of each side above the waist. I felt that this would accommodate my full bust, and it did the trick. The built in waistline draw string is fairly close to my natural waist. I also shortened the whole dress length by about 2 inches and it came out fine. It has a shirttail hemline so I didn't worry if that came above my knee at the sides the hemline front is below the knee.
  This style on my body type is too wide in the
The view on the middle bottom picture is the one I made.
shoulder and arm-hole area. I think that the raglan sleeve softens the shoulder but there is too much width at the sleeve. 

I like to sew but have trouble selecting styles that will flatter my body shape. I get tired of always making the same style so I experiment. This is not a style that I will make again. I need less volume across the bustline/shoulder area. The next pattern I am looking at is
view B emphasis in the bottom half of the dress
I have a stable royal blue knit that will work well for this pattern and could use some black or brown or green or something else for the pockets. I hope color blocking will still be in for this coming fall. 

Another potential project is 
View A in a lightweight linen
This one has pin-tucking that you do with twin needle sewing something fun to do. This tunic has narrow sleeves and the pin- tucking will give it a vertical interest in the shoulder chest area.

Do my fellow sewist have these issues not being able to identify styles that will be flattering before they actually sew?

My new spring hats Inspired by the 20's and more modern facinators

I have been busy making some hats for my first show in May 4 & 5 at Montpelier Wine Festival in Orange VA. I have definitely been inspired by Dontown Abbey and Mr. Selfridge shows on television. I love the look of the turn of the century hats as well as those from the 1920's. Granted I am not a model but if they look good on me they will look fantastic on other people.
I also like the facinator styles that are catching on over here in the United States.

Hope you will come to the event and tell me you are a fellow blogger.  Talking about fellow bloggers I am going over to Not Dead Yet Style to see what everyone is talking about today. Not Dead Yet Style

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring flowers and feeling hot!

 It was hot today and I was feeling it. I had this top that I bought from Layne Bryant last February. Today I wore it without a sweater and it was very comfortable. I think the large print helped to camouflage my midsection. Some fashion advisers tell you to avoid large prints but in this case I think it works.
I am wearing these coral pants again. I have worn them in many other post: April 5, Dec17, Nov12, Sept 6.

 They are getting a little loose since I have lost 14lbs. Yea but I will have to re-size these pants if possible eventually.I love the color and the cut.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Red Pepper Green Pepper My inspiration

I love the look of red and green peppers. I am built like a red and green pepper, lots of curves but no waist line (smile). So the colors were my inspiration for today's outfit. I also found this top in my closet and it was an orphan until I realized that the pants and sweater I already own would work with it. Also because it has yet to warm up here I need an extra layer over it and this linen jacket does the trick.
Coldwater Creek jacket bought 2010

Chico's top bought in 2008
Are you enjoying this season of color blocking? I am matching my top to my bottom in this picture and I do think it has a slimming effect.