Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The Blogging world has made many experts. But some are more expert than others. I am always torn but what I should say on someones blog and when to keep my opinion to myself. 
There are some areas of fashion I feel better versed in than others. Wearing hats is one area I feel accomplished. When I see individuals wearing hats that obviously (to me) don't fit their heads I want to rip them off of their heads. How can so many people wear hats that are too small and other people continue to tell them how "good" they look. Many women choose to avoid hats because they can't find ones to fit their heads. I applaud those women. Don't wear hats, shirts, shoes or belts that don't fit.  One might ask but how can you tell by a blog photograph? The telltale sign is the hat is sitting about 3-4 inches above their ears. The hats look perched on a high wire instead of being on someones head. OKAY then I have said it and gotten it off of my chest. If you want advice on how to fit a hat on your head send me an e-mail and I will freely advise you. adr10@erols.com


  1. I welcome your opinion, even if it's critical. So please don't feel you need to hold back when commenting on my blog. Even on stuff you don't feel you're an expert in. I want to know. It's kind of the reason I wanted to have a blog. Sure, there's no reason to be needlessly cruel (not that you ever would) but I appreciate honesty. And being told I'm awesome everyday doesn't help me dress better.

    Luckily I have a small head and not a lot of hair so that hats that are too small for me are few and far between. Too big? That's another story. But I buy my hats from a hat shop and the owner is my very good friend, who also reads my blog, and would tell me in no uncertain terms if my hat did not fit.

    I think the problem is due to most of the hats you are seeing probably being sized S/M or M/L. And people not knowing quality hats from a hole in the wall. I'm always flabbergasted by people who seem to understand quality in clothing and shoes and handbags and yet wear cheap, awful hats.

    1. I think your hat store friend has steered you correctly. I think that your hats are well suited to you and I will tell you when I see one I am less than enthusiastic about.
      I couldn't agree with you more about cheap hats. I cant tell you how many people complain to me about them. Hats are becoming so much more popular now a days that I think we will see more hats available in sizes in the next few years. They have them for men why not women. Part of my job as a milliner is to educate my clientele on what will work on them.