Friday, January 20, 2012

The graphic T shirt:casual but not slumpy

I realized that I have a love of Graphic T shirts. What is a graphic T shirt? The New Merriman-Webster dictionary says it is a representational or decorative printing on a flat surface. So some of my prints are probably also considered graphic prints. Here is one paired with a tied drape front sweater. I have paired one with a trench type coat and scarf.
I like to pair them with dress slacks and a jeans jacket OR I pair them with jeans and a dressy blazer. I once paired one with a black pencil skirt and ballet flats not too shabby.I also have one of Bob Marley.


  1. Yay! I found another person who likes the graphic tees. They add a little oomph to an outfit and are a jumping off point for pattern mixing.

  2. Yowza! and how these tees love you back! i cannot pick a favorite among these outstanding looks -though the burgundy/sage colors are lovely on you, and the last one with the orange scarf just rocks!!!! and it's awesome the way you go from casual laid back to dressy to rock star! whew, those are some chops!

    do you know Sheila's blog Ephemera? She loves graphic tees as well and wears them a lot on causal Fridays at work. I think you'd have fun seeing what she does! Happy Monday! steph

    1. Steph I aim to please.. thanks I know Shelia's blog a good one I like it too.