Thursday, January 5, 2012

Closet redo

On Christmas day 2010 my master bathroom imploded. Yes a pipe burst in the wall. The bathroom was Circa 1976 Harvest Gold. It needed a redo. As part of the bathroom area was my very large walk in closet. It actually took up more space than the actual toilet and shower area. I decided to make one long wall of my bedroom a closet. The whole length of it. This made it possible to completly gut our bathroom and spread out the toilet and shower area and to increase our sink area to two sinks, and two medicine cabinets with a makeup area in between. Well here it is a year later the closet is totally organized and finished and functional. The sinks are operational and so are the shower and toilet but one half of the space needs to be demo and my husbands closet still needs to be done. He had hand surgery right before Christmas so phase three is waiting until he is better. So here is my new closet.


  1. Your are right we must have been separated at birth! Do we actually have the same hat box too? But, um, do you have a mini fridge and a microwave in your closet? That's kind of awesome. I do not have those.

  2. Yes I have mini fridge so I could have diet coke and not have my kids drink it all on me. I heat up my neck warmer in the microwave and also heat up popcorn if I want to have a snack without having to go downstairs. I'm going to buy a washer dryer unit for the bathroom so I can do small loads up there. Right now the laundry room is all the way down in the basement. I am tired of lugging the laundry up and down stairs...

  3. Nice! It's like a clubhouse, or a private retreat.