Thursday, January 5, 2012

Part 5 continue another elevation of a basic

    In the photographs below I show you the basic T with a navy blue open front draped cardigan and a scarf that picks up the blue and tan colors. Another basic outfit upgraded with a bracelet and earring too. 
    I added a brown tweed jacket and an animal print hat and scarf that I made. The jacket has a small scale print-tweed and the hat and scarf a bigger scale print. They are all in the same neutral color family so they work. 

    In the next photo I used a brown sweater with copper flecks in it. It is closer in color to the brown in the animal print. It is so much more expected but it works. A very simple upgrade of a sweater and jeans.


  1. I just found your blog today through a comment you made over at Too Few Beacons.
    You sure have great style and I love your modeling skills.
    Very nice to meet you, Adrienne!

  2. Dear Lisa, welcome thanks for the compliments.

  3. Love the scarves! You do look very comfortable in front of the camera (as do you, Miss Lisa).

  4. So funny about the posing in front of the camera I just imitate what I see other bloggers doing and know that the camera doesn't lie. I figure a good sincere smile covers up a lot of flaws!