Monday, January 2, 2012

stage 6: When does an ordinary outfit become cool?

When does a basic outfit become cool?
     In my last post I made a basic outfit a little more interesting by substituting a colored T shirt and colorful scarf. It is okay but still a little conservative. By adding more details like a hat and gloves and sunglasses and purse it becomes more interesting. By changing the shoes and rolling up the hem on the pants are other styling options.

Do you agree or are my accessories too much??


  1. I agree completely! I love the look with the sunglasses- you look like an off duty movie star. All you need is a Starbucks cup. And perhaps a very small dog poking out of your handbag.

    There is an award for you on my blog I hope you'll accept. I love your blog. These multi-photo comparisons are fantastic. And your analysis is always perfect.

  2. I agree also. The beret and sunglasses, with the purse are stellar. The gloves are adorable.