Monday, January 7, 2013

Expectations and dissapointments:one can lead to the other

Do people in your life disappoint your? Or are your expectations leading to your disappointments?
I had this discussion with my mother. She was feeling disappointed about many things and well I thought she was this disappointed because she has lots of expectations. 
I reflected on my own expectations and discovered that I don't have many at all of the people in my family or my friends. Maybe this is why I end up doing things mostly by myself. Maybe this is why I am happier than my mother. Or maybe this is why I have no outfit pictures. I couldn't get anyone in my family to take any outfit pictures for me the past two days. Is it expecting too much for my family to take my outfit pictures for me daily or every other day? Maybe I need a remote for my camera or a new camera that comes with a remote. I have tried the timer thingy on my camera but it is way too frustrating to use anymore. Oh well I will solve this problem but I was wondering if other people have trouble with their expectations and resultant disappointment?

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