Monday, January 21, 2013

Earth shoes and tapestry print jacket

Tapestry printed jacket in muted shades caught my eye last week at a new consignment store in my area. I paid around $21.00 for it.  Horay I didn't have to drive too far away they are very well organized at the store and they only sell more upscale brands. It saves you hours of digging through all the junk at Salvation Army. The prices were really reasonable. I will be visiting Not Dead Yet Style  . I like the cut of the jacket it gives me a waistline and the sleeves weren't too long. I think I am a jacket person I seem to always buy them. I also recently got a pair of 'Earth' shoes. Remember them from the 1970's the heel is lower than the front of the shoe. They were comfortable back then and they are now as well. 
 Have a wonderful Martin Luther King Day.

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  1. Wonderful jacket - very nice shape! Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday and have a great week ahead.