Saturday, January 12, 2013

Animal Prints and inspiration from another

J's Everyday Fashion  inspired me with the colors she chose and the addition of the animal print shoes. I thought wait a minute I have animal print shoes a sweater that color and a jacket that green. I also have pants the color of her jacket. So I swapped out the pants color for the jacket color in my outfit. I added animal print hat, shoes and purse.
(Isn't J a beautiful young woman. Yes I don't think I would wear my version in public because of fit issues,my pants and sweater are too tight but I'm having fun with it;)

snake skin purse from Nigeria

Calf skin with animal print

The the animal in the print so it is animal print!
So I was inspired to come up with my own combination. I love the hat because I had a dog that looked like the one in the print. Did I ever mention that I lived in Nigeria? Well that is another story maybe I'll do a post on it someday.

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