Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Body Type Rules to follow or NOT to follow

Angie of 'You look Fab' had a post on the other day about not following body type rules too much any more. She stated that when her blog was launched she stressed this idea but since has really strayed away from it. Angie states that it is now in vogue to NOT follow the body type rules.
You look fab body type post
Angie States,"Over the years I’ve placed less and less emphasis on the importance of body type dressing guidelines. When YLF first got started almost 8 years ago, body types were all the rage. These days the idea of sticking to a prescribed way of dressing for one’s shape seems like a dated concept. We want to celebrate our freedom to wear what tickles our fancy."

I dont get this at all. Why I like her blog is because she seems to be able to figure out the proportions of the new looks and can apply this information to her clients. Now most of her clients she posts are usually pear shapes or hourglass shapes. Even her plus size models are hourglass shaped. I feel these people have the easiest time finding and adapting the new styles to their body types.

I am a short waisted inverted triangle I infrequently see anyone using these body types as makeover examples. The ones who did were Clinton and Stacy on What not to Wear. They are off the air now but I learned alot from them. Problem was they always suggested the same styles for this body type.
1. Get a good bra fitting
2. Wear a tailored jacket to 'lock and load' the girls.

 I like Angie's blog because she uses a lot of menswear fashion and utilizes the classic pieces. I like her style aesthetic and can relate to it. She also doesn't always spend a fortune on all of her pieces.
BUT and this is the big point she follows the rules and that is why her clothing looks so good on her body type. So how is ignoring the rules going to help me. That is what I did before I started this 4 year campaign to improve my style.
I have learned to dress my body type better.
I have learned which colors are more flattering in clothing and makeup and haircolor.
I have ditched my frumpy factor which was a big problem for me as I am aging.
I hope I have improved my taste level which was another problem for me.
I have also begun to realize that spending a lot of money on cheaper clothing in the long run is wasted money.
I have become so much pickier when I buy clothing.
I have gotten rid of so much clothing that I can't believe it and yet I have so many more combinations out of fewer pieces.
I am revitalizing my sewing skills so I can make more better fitting clothing( this is still a work in progress).

So now I am going to go back to wearing whatever moves me and hope I look good....this doesn't make sense to me,

Oct 2008 the beginning
Sept 2008

Oct 2009
Here are some pictures from the past 5 years a progression and you will see where I came from and where I am now. I think following the rules makes sense.

Fall 2012
May 2013
I am getting better on proportions my old stuff was just to baggie and boxy and the wrong colors.


  1. Hi Adrienne! well, i can see why you would feel a bit miffed, but i do have to jump to Angie's defense. My take on this is that she wants people to feel free to have fun with clothing, and for a number of people they feel like they have to follow the rules to the letter or else; or that if they can't somehow make their figure into some version of 'long legged hourglass' they're never going to look good or stylish; or they try to follow 'the rules' but they don't work (because most people are a combo) or they feel creatively stifled.....

    And i have to say i was REALLY impressed with Angie's post on figure flattery guidelines for Inverted Triangles.

    That's my bod as well, and that article is the best and most comprehensive on this topic i've ever seen, bar none. But as to your overall point - i say if dressing for your figure type is working for you and making you happy GO FOR IT!!!!! I jsut get the feeling that Angie doesn't want people to get 'stuck' on or feel boxed in by body type rules and i can't fault her for that. I love 'surrendering the waist', which is like blasphemy according to the 'figure rules'. Anyways.

    I think you look great in those bootcut jeans! I know they're recommended for us IT's, but i just feel 'meh' about them, i prefer skinny or uber slouchy boyfriend style. What about you? take care and have fun!!! steph

    1. I think the point Angie was making was very valid. I do know people who interpret the rules rigidly and get that could be stifling. I just was taking a stance that perhaps after just finally figuring out my rules they were going to change. I hate always feeling like I am behind the curve style-wise. I thought you were an obvious hourglass because you have a very defined waist however, photographs can be deceiving. Whatever your category you look fantastic in the clothing you are making for yourself.
      Thanks for reading my blog and responding.

    2. heehee, i feel ya - "Okay, i just spent two years of blood, sweat and tears and FINALLY got this under my belt and - what!??!??! aaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeEEEE!!!" (collapses in heap)

      re: my shape, i' an IT/hourglass mix. As it happens, my big shoulders tends to downplay the size of my bust, and vice versa. I also dress in a way to balance out my upper half, so it's not as imposing (crew necks are the devil for those of us with a prominent upper chest!). It kind of cracks me up - i've had many people tell me "oh, no you don't have an outsize chest" and then when they see me without a shirt: "oh."

      Here's a post where you can see, yes i have big shoulders and big bosoms:

      Though my shoulder do win out. My bust tends to fit into a 12 or 14 in sewing patterns, my shoulders require an 18 or even a 20. I regularly ripped the shoulders out of nightgowns growing up. I loved sewing in the 1980's, i just whipped up a blouse and didn't put in the shoulder pads and voila! perfect fit!

      I do think this goes to show that how you dress can definitely tone down or play up various attributes. So that's a good thing! Have fun, steph

    3. eek! forgot to include the link to the post!

      whew! have fun Adrienne!! steph

    4. oh how I loved those eighties jacket for the same reason.

    5. yes I see what you mean I looked at the post. I have about size 20-22 in shoulders and a size 18 bust and the lower half fits size 14 or 16 pants pattern sizes... I am two different people melded together.