Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spelling out my fashion intentions;thinking about Spring2014

I am midway through my project runway sewing challenge and I have been looking for a theme to what I am sewing. My initial idea was to just sew up some pieces that I liked using my stash of fabric. I hope to then have a group of patterns that I have adjusted the fit on so I can use them again. I also was hoping to see if there is a theme to what I am picking. So far I have a few neutrals and a few statement pieces.
I guess that is a Method of dressing mixing statement pieces with basics. Another idea bantering about the blog-isphere is the idea of creating a 'uniform'; a combination of clothing items that you frequently pair together and wear. I basically wear jeans or casual pants, a top either a knit or a button down woven and a third piece  a draped sweater or a jacket of sorts.
I add scarves boots cause it is that season, and always earrings and bracelets and necklaces.
This modular approach works for me but I am not crazy in love with my pieces. I am hoping by sewing my own pieces I will have the colors and styles that are more to my personal aesthetic.
Sewing statement pieces is where I believe I am headed and buying the basics. I am sticking to my fall coloring palette. I am very much influenced these days by Into Mind

If you haven't gone over to her blog she has some wonderful information about curating a wonderful workable wardrobe with a big infusion of yourself and tells how to do this step by step.

everyday uniform
everyday uniform

Dressy uniform
I love her idea of coming up with a 'uniform' and making a few versions of these based upon the types of items you love to wear. An example for me is a dress and a Pashima I seem to like to pair these items together along with dressy flats or ballerina flats as some call them. This combination would be my 'dressed up' uniform.
How about you do you intentionally plan out your next seasons wardrobe and does someone guide you in this direction??

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