Friday, January 24, 2014

New Hairdo update: Do people still get perms????????

When I started posting about my hair I was particularly bored with the haircut and color. I had that look for too long as wasn't sure it was 'me' anymore. Here is the old look:
Oct 2012

July 2013

Sept 2013

Jan 2014

Jan 2014 w/o glasses
I think that my fine hair has some curly but not enough to look like I am a naturally curly girl. Straight I think my hair lacks enough body. Perhaps I need more product in my hair. Does anyone get perms anymore? Maybe what I need is a perm to boost the curly look.
Here are some styles that I like but and this is a BIG BUT my hair is not the texture that these people have in their hair.

I love the curly wedge haircut. Not sure I would go this red but something in the red tones again OR maybe I should just let my hair go gray. I have no clue how much of it is gray and would it look cool that way??? There are some really attractive heads of gray hair.pinterest gray hair
Any suggestions on this subject??

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