Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two tops two bottoms done;four out of the six pieces done.

Here is a knit top done and the coordinating African print wide leg pants. I made a head band out of scraps from the top.
The suede cloth shorts are done and the fabric woven fabric top. These shorts were made out of a very old pattern from the 1990's that has so much design ease they that they fit big old me.
I am playing with new clothing designs. I never have worn wide legged pants with a long loose top before. I hope I got the proportions right.
The shorts I have worn before with T-shirts, wearing it with a loose flowy top is a new combination.

I am going to let the hem down on these,they need to be a bit longer. Over all I think the bottom balances the bigger top half of my body with the pattern and width of the design. I think this proportion is good. My hair well that is another blog entry......

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  1. Hi Adrienne! i really like the print pants outfit!! Like you say, all that volume and interest on your bottom half balances out your top half very nicely. Really, that's the beauty of being a very Inverted Triangle, we can wear pretty much whatever the hell we want from the waist down and look great - bustles, panniers, cargo pants with 82 bellows pockets, it's all good! Happy Day! steph