Monday, June 24, 2013

What to do when you need a creative inspiration: make something different.

Today my style inspiration is potholders. Yes not clothing. I have recently discovered a type of insulation fabric that allows you to make fabric potholders that actually are insulated. So I have been using up my extra fabric stash and utilizing decorative thread and stitches to make some.
I realized that technology has changed a lot in my life but I still need potholders to remove stuff from the oven or microwave. I am making some for gifts just because....
I would like to recommend to you Superior threads needles and threads. Superior Threads I have been doing the courses in Superior University and can say I recommend their products. That is where I got the idea to make some potholders. It is course 109.

Have you ever digressed in order to get re inspired?


  1. I can't think of when I have. I do read pop-marketing books to get re-inspired to continuing my studies for school, though.

    1. Kathleen what are you studying in school something fashion related?