Monday, June 3, 2013

Help Wide shoulders, short neck, generous bustline, and the orphan in my closet.

I like style advise you know those if-then advise statements. I recently read one about broad shoulders and a short neck. Well that is one I have to raise my hand and add to that generous bust. The advice was if you have these issues then avoid thick scarves, chunky necklaces, and shoulder details. Well I happen to love scarves and chunky necklaces. I also love jackets which usually have shoulder pads if only little ones. Instead of these items the advice was to wear v-neck wide strapped tops, longer necklaces, and avoid empire waist.
I do wear V-neck tops with wider straps. I do wear longer necklaces even though they can look like waterfalls over the bust-line. I also try to avoid too obvious empire waistline dresses.
However this weekend I happened upon a new thrift shop in my neighborhood, and I found this dress that would go with an orphan in my closet. ($11.00)
I had these sandals, earrings and needed something to wear them with.  Now the sandals won't be lonely anymore. This is a different neckline treatment that I have not worn in ages. The dress is a rag-line cut shoulder with a slit v neckline and the dress is empire-waist. For some reason which I don't know why I think it works OR am I so in love with the print and color that I have a blind eye to the style elements that are not figure flattering on me... Give me your opinions yes ladies of the visible Monday help me out??? What do you honestly think? Not Dead Yet Style

orphan sandals

orphan earrings


  1. I always say wear what you love and makes you feel good! This neckline does accentuate your strong shoulders, and there's nothing wrong with that. Love the colors and the bracelet. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday xoxoxo

  2. I like it a lot on you! And I think it is flattering on you ... you and I are in similar boats (if not in the same one) when addressing our upper body issues. You should wear your scarves and necklaces since they make you happy, and I'm sure they don't look extreme. You have a normal expanse of bust, and the only caveat I have with this dress you seem to have already solved! This cut takes a good bra, with a racerback construction ... and that's a good excuse to buy a great new bra as we're seeing lots of dresses available cut this way! Looks flattering and modern, youthful without being too young, and you look happy in it ... go for it!

  3. Thanks funny you should mention a new bra. I did buy one at Khols after I bought this dress for the exact reason you mentioned. In fact I spent more on the bra than the dress but I know I will get lots of use out of it with this dress and one other I have that needed a strapless bra. I bought one with a band size smaller so that I would get good support and I can still be comfortable for eight hours of wear. Thanks for commenting.