Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lagenlook another try

I wanted to try another look with this top which I sewed in the winter and now is too big. I love the color and texture of this piece. I decided to use a basic pencil skirt and cami under it. I like the jewelery layered over the top. The shoes are by Cydwalk and not that comfortable any more but I love how they look-so modern. 

The look with the green top and the sandals are what I actually wore out today. I needed more foot comfort because I knew I'd be doing more walking than the Cydwalk shoes would allow. I also put the green drapey top on because it wasn't falling off of my shoulders like the homemade one was. I think it was a good use of my pencil skirt which I hardly ever wear.I think this was still fairly conservative of a look but with a twist.


  1. Wow ... the green is nice, the but the bronze is BEAUTIFUL on you. Very elegant ... simple and modern. If it's too big, then it doesn't show!

  2. Thanks I just clipped the extra fabric to the back like the models do for photoshoots; I should have turned around to show everyone. I do love that fabric too.