Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sewing:My dog has a hat and I do too.

I made a hat to wear when I am walking my dog. I wanted a lightweight one that wont blow off of my head when I am strolling with my corgi. Then I saw this pattern that had a hat for a dog... OKay the dog does not like the hat and shakes it off but it does look cute.... I added a lining to the pattern just because I could. I used a Simplicity pattern 4316
  It was copyrighted in 2005 so it is an older one now. The pink hat in the upper right picture is funny looking because the hat is too small for the models head. It is supposed to sit down on the head without the pointy part at the top sticking up. Someone who doesn't know about hat sizes just stuck this on her head. The sizing on the pattern was funny. Size medium was 22 inches head size. That is a British standard head size. American standard head size is 22.5 , a good number of us even have 23inch head size.  I made the large version (23inch). The pattern has a 1/4 inch seam. The seaming was tricky because you had to ease a curved seam onto a straight seam for the crown part of the hat. The bias binding that they ask you to use. They don't specify how wide it is to be. They give you a guide but the guide is 1.25 wide. They don't tell you if this is the finish width or the opened up width you are supposed to use. So I just made mine 1.5 wide and folded it to make double fold bias tape.
The other disappointing thing is the sizing is for very small dog head and a small dog head.They didn't include  a version for a bigger dog. I am going to try to rework the pattern for my bigger dogs head.

inside out

close up of the print

tear away stabilizer residue on underside

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