Friday, June 28, 2013

More unfinished projects:guilt resolution

June is my month to finish up old unfinished projects. There I said it. For some reason it bugs me when I don't finish what I started. No one other than me would know but I get to a point where I actually feel anxiety for not finishing something I started; good- bad or indifferent about how I will like it once it is done. I guess you'd say I like closure... So here is the place-mat bag that I finished. (I rather like this project.) I was given the parts for this bag and the idea from a class I took at Jenny's sewing studio.

It was a class on how to use my Singer XL550 sewing/embroidery machine. I thought the class was very informative and Jenny is quite a good teacher.
Note to self the chalk marks need to be removed as to the naked eye they aren't really that visible. The camera really picks up on these details.... 
So do you need to finish projects or can you let them go??

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