Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lagenlook do you like this look?

LAGENLOOK -German for the layered look but it is so much more. I have been inspired by Marcy and Catherine Tiltons wearable art looks. I never knew that this type of look had a name. I always called it the baggie-gypsy-hippie-linen and twisted sweater look. I have been looking with some interest at website Pinterest with examples of these clothes. One person even tells you how to do this look. 
1. start with leggins or pants or a long loose skirt. 
2. add a long sleeve long top usually with an asymmetrical hem. skirt look
3.layer a shorter top over all of the above plus add scarfs 
Its about playing with proportions and volume. Now some volume will make you look more voluminous. 3 piece pant look  Other additions of volume will hide what is underneath. I guess you have to play with this. I have seen plus sized women carry-off this look very well. The tall skinny women can do this to. I am not sure about myself but I think it will be interesting to play with this look and see what I can come up with.
dress look, jumper look What do you think? Would you wear these types of looks? I think I like some of these looks but not sure how they will work on me.

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  1. I love the lagenlook style. I don't know that I pull it off successfully but I try. I like the big baggy pants look but for me it's a bit overwhelming so I'll stick with knit top, jumper, leggings for now.