Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another attempt at the Lagenlook style:homage to a ragpicker

My husband calls this style 'Chic Rag-Picker'! I don't know why but whatever. I like the concept of wearing over-sized clothes that are made out of linen and cotton and rayon blend knits. All so comfortable. I have my summer dress over a long sleeve T with a brown Chico's draped cardigan.  I'm wearing my textured tights and my brown motor cycle boots.
My necklace is very old from 1991. Here is the picture that was my inspiration.
This dress is much looser and has more volume in the hem area than mine but the boots reminded me of mine. I added the jacket layer for warmth.


  1. Ah, lagenlook. I found my picture on one of those pinterest pages about lagenlook and that's how I found out about the style! Apparently I dress that way. I think the ensemble you put together looks cool. It's fun to just go through the closet and mix and match different things together that way. And thanks for stopping by Project Minima too.

    1. Thanks just thought it might be fun to re-invent myself.