Thursday, December 6, 2012

An altered state:Lagenlook, day one

I thought it would be fun to see what 'Lagenlook' outfits I could create out of my present closet. I am intrigued by the layering effects. In theory I need some volume to balance out my top heavy inverted triangle body shape. I am wondering if the Lagenlook style might do this for me. I like the vertical lines all of the draping creates. So I layered a sleeveless draped vest over a skirt over leggings. I needed a jacket and added a motocross-jacket but didn't like the look. The colors are all muted but not sure the style worked. It was too cold to go without a jacket today. I wore flat shoes in brown textured patent leather. I added a long necklace and some bangles. 
I'm challenging myself to see how many 'looks' I can come up with before I make or buy anything new. I think a cross between classic and Lagenlook-style might work. Feel free to give me feedback good, bad or indifferent is all welcome.

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