Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vogue 1036 update

When I chose this pattern I didn't realize how time consuming top-stitching can be. I also chose to top stitch each line 3 times. It takes a lot of patience to top stitch. It also takes good thread and a good needle. Despite my caution to do everything 'right' the stitching still can go cockeyed in a flash. The thread can also fray and break mid stitch UGH. (I am such a good stitch-ripper. I have had so much practice on this project.)
Did I mention that the pattern sheet is a little vague in  places as well. I almost had to do the sleeve inserts twice. I made a mistake on the muslin and didn't realize it until I went to do the fashion fabric. (Good thing I labeled all of my pattern pieces with painters tape.)
I know that if I ever make this jacket again I will skip all of the top stitching. 
I have the body all sewn together and top stitched. I have the lining sewn together. I am finishing the sleeve assembly and will then set them into the body of the jacket. Then there is putting the lining into the jacket with facings sewn between the lining and the jacket. Never had both facings and lining before. Then there is the bottom band on the jacket and the sleeves. Sandra Betzinger sure put a lot of steps into this design. My new goal is to finish this jacket by Christmas. My old goal was to finish it by Thanksgiving. NOT!
The top stitching is done with gold thread. It is triple sewn and along the seam edges.

jacket front

jacket back


sleeve insert &upper sleeve


  1. ooh, Adrienne, how i sympathize with you about topstitching and 'frog sewing' ("rippit rippit rippit....").

    But how *** drop dead gorgeous *** is your jacket!!!! My eyes are popping out of me head, and that last pic in particular is sheer perfection! i cannot wait to see the finished piece on you, the colors will be absolutely drool worthy on you......really really worth it.

    Hang in there, woman, i know you can do it! and i have some links for you re: sewing tilton stuff - i would never taunt you with gorgeous things you cannot have ;) take care, steph

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I went out and bought some Vogue patterns because:
    1. They were only $3.99@
    2. I was inspired by your post about the Tilton sister's work.
    I got V8839,V8713,V1197,V1204. Only one is a Tilton pattern but the others have lots of fabric and design possibilities. This is why blogging is so great, people can inspire and encourage each other.