Sunday, December 23, 2012

30/30 ChallengeThe Jacket: Vogue 1036

The Jacket is finished! What a long project this ended up being top stitching and top stitching galore lots of aggravation. This was a project that I wanted to put in my best effort. I made several muslin versions just to get the fit I wanted. I still think that the sleeved shoulder area was too roomy. The pattern called for both a header and shoulder pads. I would have preferred a simpler treatment. I did like the sleeve detail even though it took a lot of time to sew it and top stitch it. I used buttons instead of snaps and I am happy with that choice. I never have much success with snaps they always seem to come loose from the fabric.

So now that I have finished it I decided I need to wear it. So I'm going to try to come up with as many outfits as I can incorporating this jacket. Why not 30/30 challenge. In the next 30 days I will wear the jacket incorporated into the outfit. I think this will be fun to see what I can come up with.


  1. Adrienne, you have just knocked it totally out of the park on this one, baby!!!!

    WOW!!!!! just gorgeous. The color, the texture are both beautiful on you, the fit is impeccable, construction crazy perfect.....just W.O.W.

    I'm so excited to see all of your outfits! I think this piece is definitely versatile enough for you to take on this type of challenge. And, of course since i didn't have to actually make this one ;), i really think this could end up being a TNT pattern for you. The fit and cut is really classic and could be dressed up or down with choice of fabric, use of embellishment, added collars, zip closure, etc.

    Well done woman! heehee, you're spanking my @ss in the sewing department, for sure!! :) Enjoy!! steph

    1. Thanks so much for your support. I enjoyed the process of making this jacket even though it was way more painstaking than I would like.. but then again that is why I experienced success... So have a great holiday.

  2. That's a gorgeous jacket - you made it?? I'm constantly awed by those with sewing skills!

  3. Aw thanks for the compliment. Yes I am trying to resurrect those sewing skills. One of the things I promised myself I would do once I retired. I am enjoying it although at times it can be frustrating.