Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A touch of royality with embroidery

I spent a huge amount of time in 2013 learning how to make sewing machine embroidery. There is a huge learning curve for this hobby. I do not want to embroider on 'blanks' but to use the technique to embellish and add another element of interest to my clothing and hats.
There is a huge range of prices for these machines. I wanted a home sewers model which typically has one needle. Most of the machines are sewing machines as well as embroidery machines. Suffice it to say that I did not see the need to spend maximum money to doodle in this art.  My husband bought me a Singer xl 550 Futura on HSN(Home Shopping Network) in Dec of 2012. The software that comes with it can do innumerable things and once you master it the creations are really impressive.The hoop that comes with it is quite large which is an advantage.
However the downside is that this machine is so finicky and has many problems in the sew out mode.
There are issues with tension and bird-nesting of the thread on the underside of the design. There are pages on Facebook which members can offer advice and support and that has been very helpful. BUT the machine is fraught with problems and if you have never used an embroidery machine before you have nothing to compare it. After a year and two weekend classes I decided that my machine was in need of repair and back to a warranty center it has gone. I have since bought another brand a more basic machine. This one has a smaller hoop and there is really no design software that comes with it. It has built in designs that can be minimally manipulated but it sews out beautifully. Such a frustration that this machine works so much better than the original one purchased.
Anyways the monogram that I pictured above was done on the easier machine Brother 6800PRW. I put this on the back center neckline of my daughter's sweater. It seems at her office several ladies have the same one so now her's is unique. 

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