Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American Sewing Guild (a plug) sweatshirt makeover project

Have or do you know there is a national sewing organization called American Sewing Guild ? Well two years ago I became a member because I was able to spend more time doing my hobbies. It is a very worthwhile organization. It is especially helpful when none of your friends sew.

Not so crafty
very cute and crafty but not me
Another cute crafty version
another crafty version
We are doing sweatshirt makeovers in my local wearable arts group. Yes some of them can turn out very artsy crafty which may not be chic by your standards. I saw that sweatshirt type tops are in and I like the look. I am going to give one a go and so far I have embroidered a Fleur de Lis on mine. The next step is to replace the sleeves with a sheer fabric. I am not sure I will like the look but may try it anyways here is a picture of the project so far.

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