Saturday, April 20, 2013

What to wear to a funeral; they requested something red!

I am going to a funeral next week. Something sad that I must do. The family requested that those who attend wear the person's favorite color which was red. It is not mandatory but 'why not?' I asked myself.  I don't own a red dress, I do own a red skirt and blouse but together they looked too matronly. So I found this one at Kholes 
At a funeral I am to look conservative and not like a fashion statement, however I don't think I need to aim for dowdy either. Some bling I think will be okay. Some of the family at this funeral will be wearing hats so I can do that too. Here are some of the looks I came up with:
Black jacket with red accessories

black/white jacket with black accessories

dress and coat don't match
Black sweater with leopard accessories

black sweater with black accessories and hat
 The outfit I like the best is the last one with the hat. I will wear a smile and that will last until the church choir starts to sing. If it rains I will pop a neutral trench coat over the dress and sweater and the hat will stay home. I will wear neutral hose as I think it is not warm enough yet to go bare-legged.  What do you think is is respectful enough?

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