Monday, April 22, 2013

What is a Fascinater and what it is not

Are you fascinated by fascinaters? Kate Middleton is making a name for these critters... So what is a fascinater?
It usually has a base that is held on by a band, comb or elastic head strap. I call the ones on clips, which are smaller Whimseys. A fascinater is usually worn on the side of the head but can be put in the front I have not seen it worn on the back of the head. It usually is on a base the can be as small as 3" but is more frequently put on a base of 4-6". Veiling, feathers, bows, beading,   silk flowers or combinations of several element are added. The ones I like best look like  upside down little bowls with artistic trims that have meaning to the owner. These are what we find the Duchess
in most of the time.
I like the versatility that fascinaters provide. People that don't like hat hair here is your chance to jump on the head-wear bandwagon.
So I am going over to  Not Dead Yet Style. I think wearing a fascinater will make you very visible how about you are you wearing one??


  1. Thanks for the explanation. I think you and Kate wear them well! Thank you for sharing with Visible Monday : >

  2. As much as I love Kate's style, I saw this fascinater this weekend on a magazine cover (I was in line for groceries) and didn't love it with her coat.

    Your fascinater is very ooohlala!

    Peace & grace,
    The Good Will Hunting Paralegal,

  3. Ah thanks, I think some of Kate's choices can get on the verge of frumpy. If that is possible for her to do.